General Guidelines

  1. Girls are always required to tie their hair.
  2. The School authorities will inform Parents of any severe breach of discipline by their wards and necessary action will be taken.
  3. No student should damage any property of the School. Anyone causing such damage will have to compensate the loss and strict disciplinary action will be taken against such students.
  4. No child will be permitted to come late to school. If late, necessary fine will be levied.

Medical Aids / Accidents

  1. That the School will do its best to provide first aid, but the school will not be held responsible for any untoward incidents/mishaps/accidents despite its best efforts. This applies also to all accidents which may occur in the science laboratories, workshops, sport field trekking, swimming, educational tours or journeys to and from the School.


  1. That no mobile phones are permitted with students in the school.

Dress Code

  1. LDCS is a co-educational school with students coming from various backgrounds. It is necessary to follow a clear dress code approved by the School to maintain. The sanctity of the School, LDCS has designed very graceful uniforms to ensures comfort and uniformity. The dress code will be strictly adhered to. Any violation will attract punishment.
  2. That the parents will not be allowed to meet the teachers/Children in their classroom during working hours of the School. Any discussion they need to have should be with the permission of the Principal and the PRO. Any complaints that they would like to make should be made to the School authorities in writing and not to the teacher.
  3. If parents wish to discuss with the Principal any issue concerning their wards, a written request for an appointment in compulsory.
  4. That promotion to the next higher class is not automatic and that promotion is granted at the end of the Annual examination only in accordance with the School promotion policy.
  5. Changes will be made from time to time in the policies of the School by the authorities.
  6. If and when the students do not report to the School on the due date after vacation or sanctioned leave, parents MUST accompany the student to the School and meet the Principal/Office.
  7. Parents are requested to notify in writing the change in address if any, including Telephone Number, by post addressed to the “Principal Love Dale Central School”. Telephonic information regarding change of address or telephone number will not be entertained.
  8. Failure to pay the fees on time will be viewed seriously and might entail cancellation of admission. Readmission be charged in addition to the late fee as per the discretion of the Principal.
  9. Without written note from the parents to the School authorities, Guardians / Relatives are not permitted to meet. i.e. The Children from the School.
  10. Only parents are permitted to attend the open days of their children.

Issue of Transfer Certificate

  1. That the parents who wish to withdraw their children at the end of an Academic Year will have to give a notice of at least one month prior to the commencement of the next term, failing which the parent is liable to pay full fees for the next academic year. At any given time, 15 working days notice is to be given to the School for withdrawal of a child during an academic year.
  2. Withdrawal of their child/children the fees due up to the end of the year must be remitted and no refund is under any circumstances.
  3. Transfer Certificate is issued only after all the dues of the School are settled.