June Month Co Curricular Activity


“There are two educations. One should teach us how to make a living and the other how to live”.

John Adams

Education without co-curricular activities is like educating the mind without educating the soul. Co-curricular activities are the activities through which learners explores his abilities ,eradicates his weaknesses and creates a broader vision of life.

Lovedale central school aiming at the holistic development of the students have introduced CCA from years to bring the best out of the students. As we are ringing in the beginning of the academic year, here are few highlights of the CCA conducted on 29thApril 2023, ushering in a vibrant and thumping new session.

Class 1st and 2nd - poem recitation

Class 3rd and 4th - collage makingh

Class 5th and 6th - Bead art

Class 7th and 8th - Origami

Class 9th and 10th - Ethnic and contemporary painting