The School maintains spacious and well equipped labs for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer and Biology. The labs are equipped with the latest technological devices in order to support cutting-edge experimentation.

Salient features

  1. Designed in a way to enable smooth working of about forty students at a time.
  2. Spacious and well ventilated.
  3. Ensured safety of the students.
  4. Fully equipped with good quality apparatus, chemicals and amenities.
  5. Designed as per the latest C.B.S.E curriculum.
  6. Aims at fulfilling the essence of Learning by doing.

A Laboratory is a workshop for biologist/Scientist, where truth of the ideas are tested. Biology is an open ended subject whose study is never complete unless the theories taught in the class are put to test in the laboratory by doing experiments. Every experiment is an act of studying a number of conditions called observations followed by co-relating the various parameters commonly called results.

Our school believes in the fact that science/biology without experiments is like “learning to swim without getting into water”.For scientific training of young minds a genuine laboratory practice is a must.

Salient features

  1. 3-D Raised Relief plastic models (Botany & Zoology), Microscopes, Skeleton, Extensive collection of museum specimens, slides, Reagents, Aquarium, Display Boards, Audio-Visual aids , charts & green board.
  2. Separate chambers for storage of Reagents and equipments.
  3. Provision for first aid Availability of fire-extinguisher.
  4. Neat & tidy working place for 40 students at a time.
  5. Well equipped teachers demo table.
  6. Sinks & water taps at apt places within the reach of every student.

The above mentioned facilities have helped in developing keen observation, accurate experimentation, rational thinking, team work spirit and has made teaching learning programme more effective. The laboratory facility has inspired the students in developing a unique perspective and has helped them in emerging with wonderful pearls of scientific phenomena from the ocean of knowledge.

Labs are the keys to science and its mysteries. Physics lab of our institution is fulfilling the above saying. It is equipped with the essential and basic instruments. We are providing the students with a variety of experiments which are the basic part of understanding the subject.

Salient features

  1. Spacious and well ventilated.
  2. Working place for 40 students at a time.
  3. Separate room for weighing balance.
  4. Well equipped with essential apparatus.
  5. Working as per C.B.S.E curriculum.

Computers are an integral part of the academic curriculum so practical and theory classes are held every week. School has a well equipped Computer lab with latest softwares and technologies. These days computers are the best friend of children. Computers are also an aid to others subjects and provide an enjoyable exposure through interactive CD ROMs.

Salient features

  1. Techno savvy Internet connected specialized center enhancing both in teaching as well learning.
  2. Every week students are availing the facility of computer lab.
  3. Computer education is a part of curriculum from the primary classes itself.
  4. Various educational audio/video CD’s are available that make teaching more effective and interesting.

Mathematics teaching is a process to set a meaningful problem and help the children to find the solution of the problem with the help of Mathematical concept. Till today this subject is being taught and learnt in an unrealistic manner, but now there is an utmost need to change the method of teaching specially at primary and middle level.This can be done with the Mathematics lab.

Salient features

  1. First in the city.
  2. Equipped with CD’s to explain difficult concepts of Maths.
  3. Literature related to Maths.
  4. Variety of Models, charts.