Sports Day

by / Friday, 09 January 2015 / Published in SportsEvents

With cheers for victory and chants for their houses, Love Dale commenced its Annual Sports Meet 2014-15 which was held for continuous 3 days and the events both fun and sporting made 7th, 8th and 9th of January most memorable days in the Annual calendar of Love Dale. The most exciting atmosphere could be seen in the campus all over when the athletes tried hard to achieve the best result for their houses while other house members shouted the slogans of victory to boost the morale of their house mates.

Many events were conducted up for three days viz. Track events such as 25 mtr, 50 mtr, 75 mtr,100 mtr running was conducted for Primary section 200 mtr running, 400 mtr, 800 mtr, 4 X 100 mtr rely, Hurdles was conducted for secondary section.

Athletic events such as Discuss throw, short put and team events viz tennis, basket ball, Kabaddi, Hockey, Throw ball, Volley ball, Foot ball kept everyone on their toes as the students strived to secure the 1st place for their respective houses.

The results as per House championship 2014-15 are as follows Name of the House Track events Group & Indoor Events Notice Board Decoration CCA Total
1 Shivaji 121 68 371+198=569 131 889
2 Tagore 150 41 432+181=613 103 907
3 Ashoka 91 48 384+216=600 88 827
4 Raman 79 71 331+239=570 89 809

  • Championship Winner: Tagore House (Green)
  • Championship Runners Up: Shivaji House (Blue)
  • Best Sports boy of the year: Master Akshay Itnal
  • Best sports girl of the year: Miss Sharvari Dhokate