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by / Tuesday, 27 January 2015 / Published in Activities

State Level Jambo Ritte camp which comes ones in 5 years was held in Doddaballapur . Our children actively participated in this 7 day camp were various activities were conducted. Students enjoyed a lot in this camp and learnt various domains of life.

Guiders View – By Shreya Kalkundri of class 8th B

State level Jambo Ritte came for the students of Scouts and Guides which is organized once in 5 years at doddaballapur. This was the camp in which the students of Love Dale had taken part. It’s said that any child participates in this camp learns everything about the rules and regulations of Scouts and Guides. The camp was conducted for 7 days.

On 16th night at around 10 pm we left for Doddaballapur. On 17th morning by 6 am we reached to our destination. The first day there of the camp there were no task given to us. Every morning the Beden Powel exercise and yoga was conducted for all of us and by 7 am the Flag Hosting. By night 10 each and every child need to go to bed. The second day of the camp we had the task of playing minimum of 5 fun games and the selection of the students for the march past was done.

The third day of the camp Scouts and Guides were taken to infocity International Park. In the same evening, District wise drama was conducted in which balgavi District Topic was “Kittur Rani Chanamma”

The fourth day, we participated in activities like Drawing, Vegetable carving, Kite making, candle making, paper craft etc. The same evening the famous sandalwood actor Sudeep visited us as a Chief Guest and sang melodious songs for us. The fifth day our task was to represent the cultural dresses of Belgavi District. The sixth day we cleaned our surroundings and had our Adventurous games in evening. We also represented various foods in food fest in which Education Minister Smriti Irani visited us as the Chief Guest.

The last day we had March past in which Belgavi backed 3rd place where in Love Dale Students had participated. The CM Siddharamayya had visited as the Chief Guest.
We were back to our place on 26th morning by 6 am learning.