Annual Meet

by / Thursday, 18 December 2014 / Published in News &Updates

It is as though the students and staff of love dale central school have taken the dip in festive mode of celebrating the 11th Annual Meet which is to be conducted on 23rd of December 2014 for which the theme is “NAVRAS”.

Navras or the nine emotions were first outlined by Bharat Muni in his iconic path breaking masterpiece “Natya Shastra”. Natra Shastra formed the premise from which traditions of dance, music, theater, art and literature evolved. So profound was the impact of this philosophy that it came to be regraded as the 5th Veda.

Mr Deepak V. Dhadoti MD of ServoControls Aerospace(I) Pvt. Ltd. has kindly consented to be the Chief guest of honor for this mega event.