Article 35 – Information on spices

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1] Early documentation suggests that hunters and gatherers wrapped meat in the leaves of bushes, accidentally  discovering that this  process enhanced the taste of meat.

2]Over years spices and herbs were used to make the taste of food. Spices were also used for medicinal purposes due to there antimicrobial properties.

3]In some historical documents it is mentioned that spices were also a valuable item of exchange and trade. Early Egyptians used spices and herbs for food flavoring as well as for health enhancing properties.

4] Indians have been using spices for thousands of years for both culinary and health purposes. The Greek and Romans imported spices from their neighboring countries. The Arabs were the traders of spices for the Romans for several years and also formulated medicinal syrups.


1] Basils was used by Greek to cast away evil.

2] Garlic was said to keep vampires away and was good for soil fertility.

3] Spices were expensive and the country which had them was considered to be rich.


1] Basil has an association with the holy cross a true Christian legend has said the true holy cross was found under growing Basil.

2] The word Basil was derived from the Greek name King.

3] Rosemary was prescribed for relief from mental disorders in ancient Greece.



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