Article 28 – Ajwain

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Ajwain, ajowan or also known as ajowan caraway, ooman in Tamil. We can find ajowan in many places but mostly we can find in Tamil Nadu. It is the famous spices all over Tamil Nadu.

Ajwain seeds are the seeds obtained from the ajwain or ajowan plant. These seeds are used as a spice in cooking. The ajowan plant mainly grows in cooking. The ajowan plant mainly grows in various regions of India. Ajwain is also highly regarded for their medical value.

The scientific name for this plant is trachyspermum ammi.

Description of ajwain seeds varies in-

  • Shape
  • Size
  • Color
  • Taste
  • Fragrance

Benefits are-

  • The seeds are highly beneficial for the digestive system
  • They are rich in various vitamins, minerals, fibres and anti-oxidants.

Ajwain recipes-

  • Spicy vegetable Fritters
  • Ajwain wala chicken
  • Guajarati karu with Ajwain chawal
  • Ajwain Halwa

It is also used during pregnancy time. Ajwain water is also believed to accelerate recovery after childbirth. The spice is generally available in India and Middle Eastern spice stores. The price for 14 of the seeds ranges from ­­$ 10 to $ 15.



Sanobar Attar , IX

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