Article 18 – Unique Spices Of Karnataka

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Karnataka is famous in producing spices , Such as Cardamom , Cumin , Turmeric, Pepper, Garlic , etc. One of the famous spice is pepper . Pepper is grown in several parts of Karnataka , mainly in Madikeri , Shivamoga , Kodagu .Black Pepper is also known as ‘KING OF SPECIES’. In Karnataka state production of black pepper 7567 metric tonnes with an area 12265h during the year 2002-03 . Kodagu district is the major district In which stands first position with 8845.6 ha. The black pepper value

Added products are good in demand nowdays , due to globalization and liberalization have postured the challenges to Indian spices , which is the significant export gaining commodity . The statically technique , Benefit cost Ratio is utilized to know economy of Black Pepper .Pepper is a flowering vine n the Family piperaceae , cultivated for  its fruit , which is usually dried and used as a spice and seasoning . This spice has good economic importance due to its earnings of exports from Foreign exchange . This spice is also called as ‘BLACK GOLD’ due to its international trade factor. It can be cultivated on wide variety of soils like red loam ,clay loam , and sandy loam soils . In commercial farming it is done by vegetative (By Cutting).


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