Article 14 – Spices

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spices were an important and crucial source of trade in early medieval ages . spices were expensive and the country which had it was considered to be rich . they were symbol to the then kingdoms and the export of spices and trade from it were really beneficial or the traders.

Arabs and Muslim role in spices and herbs [ancient times to 1096] early spices were used as a source of  trading . during the ancient roman empire trading largely came from Arabia. Traders supplied cinnamon and the other spices and deliberately kept the source of their products secret.

In India there are some important spices:



3.cassia bark pepper



7.nutmeg and mace

8.mustard seeds




Some spices like ground spices are also used for color like turmeric powder and also Kashmir red chili powder. spices play an important role in Indian  cooking and it is used  extensively! Without spices Indian cuisine will not have unique aroma and flavor. Spices are life of Indian cuisine . no spices means no cooking in our houses. One can find an array of spices in the Indian kitchen.

Here are some list of spices that we use daily:

Mustard , red chilies , pepper, coriander oil bay leaves , cardamom , cloves, mango powder¸ nutmeg  , caraway , cinnamon , curry leaves , ginger, poppy seeds, mint leaves etc..

Spices add aroma

Spices add taste

Spices are our needs

Spices are life of Indian recipe

Without spices a dish is taste less.

Spices give a richness to our food

Indian’s are depended on spices.

India is very lucky that India is having spices but the other countries which don’t have they need to pay a large amount to get it . so the spices are very important in our day to day life .

Hence I would thank you for giving me these golden opportunity.



Faiz M. Munshi, VIIIA

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