Article 1 – The Pepper Queen

by / Friday, 24 August 2018 / Published in Intact Corner

India is a land of spices and is world famous for them. Pepper being one among them, is very beneficial for one’s healthy. It is rich in minerals, vitamin ‘k’, iron, manganese, etc. When we speak about Pepper, Karnataka’s well known Pepper Queen Abakan Rani, comes into picture, The Chowta queen ruled the portal town of Ullal, from where lots and lots of pepper was exported to Portugal. Legend has it that when around 30,000 Portugal soldiers attacked her fort, she with her 3,000 soldiers fought and won against them and i.e. why Portugal’s didn’t enter Karnataka. She is also regarded as the ‘First Woman Freedom Fighter of India’. India will always be proud to have such warriors.

– Mahavirji Abhinandan Kocheri.

Class 6 Div Aqua.

Love Dale Central School

Belagavi-10, Karnataka.