by / Saturday, 26 August 2017 / Published in Activities

‘Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better’, with this thought Nature Club was introduced for the first time in Love Dale Central School. Nature Club was inaugurated by the Principal Mrs. Laxmi Inchal along with the teachers and the students.

The first step towards being sensitive to nature was ploughing vegetable seeds. It was initiated by the students of std. VII and VIII along with Nature Club’s members and the teachers.

The students enthusiastically ploughed the partial land for sowing the seeds. All the students of std. VII and VIII brought varieties of seeds like fenugreek, tomato, lady’s finger, cucumber, pumpkin, chilli, carrot, spinach etc. The students along with teachers sowed the seeds and watered them. It was a mesmerising experience for them. By sowing seeds they understood the importance of plants and enjoyed the activity.

The plantation of seeds, the activity of Nature Club was a great success under the guidance of the Principal Mrs. Laxmi Inchal.