Workshop on First Aid

by / Saturday, 20 September 2014 / Published in Activities, News &Updates

Health & wellness Club of “Love dale Central School”, took up the initiative of organizing a workshop on First Aid for the Teachers at school premises on 20-9-2014. The Club believes that every teacher should be completely aware of immediate and rapid action or attention that should be administered to the students in case of minor accidents that tend to happen during school time.

The workshop was conducted by Mr. Manjunath Soglad, Mr. Vikrant Nesari, Mr.Iranna Kajagar lecturers from KLE Universities institute of Nursing Sciences, Belgaum.

The guests were welcomed by the health & wellness club I/C & felicitated by the Principal Mrs. Angela Roberts.

The workshop was about introduction of First aid, rule of 9, Wound Dressing, Bandaging, Unconscious and lifting shifting of the victim. It was really an educative and informative experience for the teachers. The teachers came to know about the types of Causalities, Fracture and Unconsciousness and their preventive measures and bandaging techniques. Teachers came to know action taken to remove foreign bodies such as pebbles, small piece of erasers inserted by students in ear, nose etc. The workshop made the teachers much more confident to handle medical crises in and around the school premises.

The workshop was very informative and benefited to all the teachers.