Workshop on Positive Parenting

by / Thursday, 28 August 2014 / Published in Activities, News &Updates

In today’s busy world, Parenting is hard work. It is every parent’s dream to be the perfect parent, to protect our children and to give everything good to our children. But there are lots of blocks in this journey – a major one being Child Abuse. UNICEF statistics say 53% of people in this world are sexually abused as a child.

SrishtiLife is an organisation which has taken a BIG GAME of Service to make India free of ‘Child Sex Abuse’ by saying WE DARE TO CARE. The organization was formed about 14 months back and has educated 15.6 Lac students in India covering Government as well as Private schools with a CHILD Awareness Program and also many corporates for ADULT Awareness Program. All the awareness programs are based on Neuro Science and the Vedic Platform and they promote “Every child is everyone’s child and Every child is safe.”

Love Dale Central School took the opportunity of this organization’s applaudable work and organised a POSITIVE Parenting Workshop for parents of students studying in Love Dale, Good Shepherd Central School and Blooming Buds School. The members of SrishtiLife Dr. Rajalaxmi, a Gynaecologist, an Infertility Expert and Sexologist with 30 years of practise along with Dr. Nisha, spoke to parents about the safety of the children and how to create a safe environment where no child will be abused.  Parents from all three schools attended in large numbers inspite of it being a working day and also being a festival week.

The Principal of Love Dale, Mrs. Angela Roberts addressed the parents on behalf of management and teachers and pledged support in their joys, struggles and challenges in Parenting.

Love Dale has organized the same workshop for teachers on 30th August 2014, as teachers are considered All-O-Mothers of children. Teachers need to take up the responsibility of keeping children safe and happy as they spend a lot of their time in school.