Article 7 – Indian Spices

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Spices add more taste, color and flavor to the food. India is the largest producer and exporter of spices. Most of the spices are produced in India from ancient era. Different types of spices are grown in different parts of India. Ex: 1. Pepper is grown in Kerala, Karnataka and many more other states of

Article 6 – Spices Of India

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For 6 centuries, India has been a very rich country. This is partly due to its spice industry. People first started farming spices in India during the time of the Indus Valley Civilization. They used it for flavoring food and drinks. In the middle ages, Indian spices were considered to be worth more than gold,

Article 5 – Indian Spices

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What is a Spice? A Spice is a dried seed, fruit, root, bark or flower of a plant or a herb, used in small quantity for flavor, color or as a preservative. Many of these substances are also used in traditional medicines. Globalization has made these spices easily available, and has increased their popularity. Role

Spices and aromatics are the very heart of Indian cooking. They have been used since ancient times. spices have always been believed to have healing and magical qualities. They have been used to cast spells, as incense in religious rites, to embalm corpses, to add aroma to perfumes and as aphrodisiacs. The word spice comes from

Article 3 -Spices Of India

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Historically, culinary spices and herbs have been used as food preservatives and for their health value. Early documentation suggests that hunters and gatherers wrapped meat and flesh in leaves of bushes, accidentally discovering that this process enhanced the taste of meat ,as did certain nuts, seeds, berries and bark. Over the years spices were used

The spice trade developed throughout south Asia and Middle East by at earliest 2000BCE with cinnamon and black pepper, and in East Asia with herbs and pepper. The word spice comes from the old French word ‘espice’, which became ‘epice’ and which came from the Latin root spec. European explorers such as vasco-da-gama and Ferdinand

India is a land of spices and is world famous for them. Pepper being one among them, is very beneficial for one’s healthy. It is rich in minerals, vitamin ‘k’, iron, manganese, etc. When we speak about Pepper, Karnataka’s well known Pepper Queen Abakan Rani, comes into picture, The Chowta queen ruled the portal town

Coriander – A Magic Spice

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Coriander which is commonly known as Dania is grown is Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh , Tamil Nadu. Coriander is a very important spice crop which has a prime position as a flavoring agent in food. The entire plant has a very pleasant smell. Common Names In the common languages in India i.e., in